Phillip Franck









I am excited by textures in nature, and try to capture their essence in my photography. I am particularly attracted to rocks and moss because of their fascinating textures.









As a lighting designer, how could I be anything but fascinated by the colors that can appear in the sky, especially at sunset?

I view photography as an extension of work as a theatrical designer. The photographs I take may become visual research for productions, and they may inform my ideas about surfaces and colors. Photography is also something I use as stress relief - it's a joy to be out in nature after a show opens, taking pictures of the world around me.

Lighting & Scenic Design, Photography









Among my favorite subjects, I strive to photograph waterfalls from interesting angles and to catch the way water moves.







Architecture & Machinery


As with my Nature photography, I'm intrigued by texture in architecture, and I enjoy finding ways to best capture it in images.

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